Are "reflections" just the new Mac way?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MowingDevil, Oct 18, 2008.

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    One thing that occurred to me that I haven't seen mentioned yet (who could read *all* the posts in the past week :eek:) is perhaps this is just the way EVERYTHING Apple is going. The first time I noticed it wasn't a glossy monitor or shiny aluminum was in their SOFTWARE. It happened w/ Leopard and all of a sudden the dock had a reflection below it. From then on there's been reflections in their promo material and all their monitors are going that way....the glass....the black bezel...the abolishment of matte....everything is now a mirror or at least a reflection below it.

    You can see it in photographs of the new notebooks when they're off but the keyboard is reflected in the display. Looks almost identical to the bottom of the dock. Look at iTunes now and the software for the iPods...whenever you look at album artwork its now reflected below it whether its in your library or in the iTunes store. I'd expect to see more & more reflections in Snow Leopard and all future products. Whats going to happen if ALL the cinema displays go glossy (Apple likes all their product to be streamlined so it will most likely happen)? ...if you want matte you'll have to purchase from another company. Once the remaining cinema displays are updated I believe ALL their products will be glossy only. I seriously thought they'd always leave the cinema displays and MacBook Pro matte for the profesisonal artists but I was wrong on that one.

    Look on the bright side, if anyone is ever covertly sneaking up on you from behind you'll see him coming a mile away. Safety first!
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    I think you are correct. I also think that Apple has settled on glossiness because it sells, and those of us who prefer matte displays are a minority that's not worth Apple's attention for the simple reason that providing us with a choice would cost them too much money.

    We'll have to settle for the advantage that you can always tell if a ninja (or teacher or boss) is sneaking up on you since you can see them in the reflection of your display or your computer. :eek:
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