Are T-bolt ports not hot-pluggable?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by parish, Jul 16, 2012.

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    I've had a few occasions where my rMBP has frozen/locked up - the screen is still on but there is no response to the keyboard or trackpad. the only way to recover is to hard reset by holding the power button down.

    I've traced this to plugging/unplugging devices to the T-bolt ports. The two devices are a Dell monitor, using a MDP<->DP cable, and an Apple T-bolt<->Gigabit Ethernet adaptor.

    This even happens when the rMBP's lid is shut, i.e. it's in Sleep. With the monitor, I always switch the monitor off before connecting/disconnecting cables (a habit from the old days of CRT monitors and analogue cables).

    So it appears that T-bolt doesn't like being hot-(un)plugged. Is this the case? I thought all modern external interfaces were hot-pluggable. :confused:

    Just as well the rMBP boots up and shuts down so quickly :p
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    That's...weird. I have TB<-->DVI on my 13" MBP at work and HDMI<-->TB on my 15" MBP at home and both are hot pluggable. The only issue I have is if I'm playing audio/video when I plug it at home it won't correctly switch over to the HDMI output, but nothing like the problems you're having.

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