are the older apple cinema displays still good?


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Sep 13, 2005
Davis CA
I recently revitalized my obsession with the older apple cinena displays (the ones witht he quicksilver G4) and would really like to buy a 20" one off of ebay. however, are these monitors still worth getting? they seem to be priced the same as a brand new 20" monitor off of newegg, so im starting to doubt the whole idea. i hate the idea of paying alot for an older monitor (tho prolly a step up from what i have) but those cinema displays look so amazing.....


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Apr 7, 2005
yeah, they look awesome!

just remember that if you want to connect it to a DVI computer you'll need the expensive DVI-ADC adaptor..

if the price comes down to it, I'ld just get the newer one.. You can get them refurbished for $600 on the apple online store.


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Mar 1, 2004
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Nope, once the new ones came out, all the older previous ones are no longer are acceptable/useable. :)

Just kidding. Yea, they are still great. If you have a choice of getting an older one at a reduced price, then I would go for it. If they are the same price, then go for the newer one.



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Jul 28, 2006
Richmond, Va
I use an older 15" cinema LCD monitor and it works perfectly fine *I do graphics work* though I do have a better 19" monitor I work with when doing projects. But the 15" still holds its own and I get people saying "wow what a cool monitor" who've never seen one :) But if you're doing basic stuff, go for it if that's your cup of tea! Check craigslist first though and see if you can't get one close to you where you don't need to pay shipping..