Are the Power5 processors by IBM the same as Apple call G5?

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    No, the G5 is a Power4 derivative, and Power5 doesn't have AltiVec - it's a very expensive server chip.
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    Unfortunately not. :-(

    The G5 (970FX) is a derivative of the IBM Power4 server chips.

    Many of us were hoping to see either the 970MP dual core processors or a
    Power 5 configuaration, but that's looking more unlikely as Apple breaks away from IBM now.
  4. jcgerm macrumors member

    May 28, 2003
    G5's are PPC 970's, which are a version of the POWER4 architecture. POWER5 came out in 2004, after PPC970. Jobs said they weren't happy with the direction that the PPC architecture was going. I doubt these will ever get close to being in a PowerMac.
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    May 19, 2002
    That was because the Power5-UL was canceled and Apple was "offered" a choice of paying IBM to deliver the Power5-UL or taking IBM development freebie on the Cell.

    The Cell required a major rewrite, and if Apple paid for the Power5-UL the would be in the same position of paying for the development of a Power6-UL.

    Basically IBM pruned the PowerX-UL from their roadmap, while waving Cell as the next big thing. :rolleyes:

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