Are there any fine tuning options for mice?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by kusanagi, Jul 12, 2007.

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    Jun 18, 2007

    I'm currently going through a phase of mice.. i have one wired mouse (Logitech MX510) which has excellent tracking and excellent response the x and y axis movement is almost perfect, *BUT* i really need a bluetooth mouse as i'm on the road alot and the less wires the better! Plus I really dont want to have a dongle I have to cart around everywhere.

    So..... I bought a Wireless Might Mouse mini..

    Then a Logitech V270...

    Then a *shudders* microsoft wireless laser 8000....

    and they all have the same tracking issues! It's not the response time, all of them are great and 95% of the time you dont notice the lag.. but they all suffer from the same issue which is the vertical movement in proportion to the horizontal movement of hte mouse cursor on the screen is no where near the same as with my wired mouse!

    If you're head just exploded... please read on! :p

    Basically, with my wired mouse, when I moved the cursor up/down vs left/right the tracking was pretty nice, there were no great movements of the mouse to move the cursor up/down and moving the cursor left/right felt about the same.

    However.. with all of the bluetooth mice I have here I'm finding that there is quite alot of wrist/arm movement to move the cursor up or down in proportion to moving left or right. When I move the cursor left or right I'm finding that the slightest physical movement is moving the cursor great distances but moving it up or down requires alot of effort.

    At first I thought that it was the non-apple mice that were casuing the problem, so I bought a Mighty Mouse but thats giving me the same movement issues! I've tried playing around with the cursor speeds but to no avail.. it gets *fairly close* to being normal but still uncanny to use and then its just way to sensitive.

    Does anyone else have this issue? Is there an app or some way I can define the x/y tracking behaviour of my mice? Or am I just going bananas!??!

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    May 12, 2005
    I really think youre over-reacting.

    I am currently using a Bluetooth Apple Mightmouse and while it is noticeably slower than my other mouse on my windows machine a Razerhead Copperhead 2000DPI Laser, it isnt that bad.

    Actually I find it very good now with the trackball and all, I dont notice any lags though i did at first, you get used to it at the end i think...

    Sorry it doesnt answer your question, but give it some time and I think it wont matter that much?
  3. penter, Feb 26, 2015
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    Jun 15, 2006

    Sorry to bring this back from the grave, but I too just got a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse and noticing the same thing!
    You're definitely not over-reacting. You're just noticing a flaw that most people simply don't notice or care.
    But for someone looking for a bit more precision and accuracy, this is definitely noticeable.

    OP, if you're still there, did you even end up finding a solution?
    I much prefer the Mighty Mouse over the Magic Mouse, so I'd hate to have to switch mice...
    I wonder if it's just a matter of crappy hardware?

    Anyone out there got any suggestions?

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