Are there any free IMAP email services for your own domain?

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    Jul 17, 2008
    I'm not aware that icloud offer the ability to use your own domain email (has this changed?) and have always used google apps to deal with the email for my personal domain.

    It used to be free for a standard account and 50 bucks (I think) for a business account
    As of 6th December this is no longer free for new accounts (this wont alter the account I already have with them). I'm a bit annoyed with myself as I didn't pick up that this was happening / set up my new account last week! and literally today wanted to have another account for a new domain) I like google apps and don't want to pay. Are there any other similar services that are still free and offer imap? Are there any known plans for icloud to offer this?

    Many thanks
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    Jul 17, 2012
    I'm routing my own domain email through Gmail, it's allowing me to send out from there using my own domain. The Gmail email address is only visible in the email header code. As long as you've not got something like it works great. The reply email shows up as my domain email, not the Google one.

    I haven't had to pay for Google Apps, wonder if that'd be an option? (Unless this is what they've stopped of course :) )
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    Thanks for that. I will have a look. No it's free for a standard account if you had one before Thursday (I do with one domain) but now that free standard account is no more for new accounts. You have to pay for the business one. I don't want to if there is another option

    edited to say that I may have a look if I can add another domain within the account that I already have either as a domain subsiduary or an alias (I think they are the options within google apps). This may allow me to set it up so that I can get emails within that account I have using a different domain...I need to have a look if this is possible.

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