Are there any "grandfathered" DirecTV Now Accounts?

Discussion in 'Apple TV Apps' started by davidg4781, Jul 30, 2018.

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    We're currently paying for both DTVN AND Spectrum... Spectrum for internet and the cable service mainly for local channels. I had signed up some time back for DTVN to watch Disney XD (Star Wars Rebels) and now that that's over and DTVN is going up $5/month, I'm considering dropping it.

    Do y'all think there are any long term reasons why I should keep it around? I have AT&T and I'm getting $25/month off my bill, but I don't really use the app, except for maybe watching some news channels in my bedroom because there's not a cable outlet here. That should be solved whenever Spectrum gets their app on Apple TV.

    AND, I just found out I can watch live news channels on the news apps, so that won't be an issue. For entertainment, I normally stick with Hulu and YouTube.
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    I can't really address your question on whether to keep DirecTV NOW or not. That's really a decision you need to make for yourself.

    However, keep in mind that not all of those news apps stream for free. ABC News, CBS News and Bloomberg do not require cable/satellite subscription logins, but CNN, Fox and CNBC do and Cheddar is a subscription service.
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    Sell your grandfathered account. People will pay $300-400 for it.
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