Are There any how to make iphone applications for dummies books out there

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by TheShinyMac, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Are There any how to make iphone applications for dummies books out there? I have no experience what so ever with programming, but I am young so if I get good at it, it could become my profession no? If no book for dummies is there any other book that teaches you how to make apps and yes I know there is a place on Macrumors about this but I feel a book would be able to help me more. thanks for reading!
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    Writing iPhone apps is a complex topic: you can't really approach it from a "dummies" point of view. You need to read the stickies in this forum and adopt a realistic approach to learning.
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    Actually, there is a Dummy iPhone Dev Book by Neal Goldstein and is quite good. If you're new to Xcode & Objective C, have no experience with Cocoa and used a Mac for the first time just a few weeks ago, this might be the right book for you.

    With separate chapters on Xcode, Interface Builder, Debugger, Instruments, registration with Apple, provisioning and AppStore application there isn't much left for actual code in the book. But as introduction to iPhone development, this is a great book.

    There are only two examples, but they both are complete applications and even with only so much code there are a few nice surprises, like the decent take on proper keyboard handling. Seems like everybody is happy with this book as they commissioned Neal Goldstein to write another iPhone book, this time on more than 800 pages.

    Once you're done with it, go with the books by Kochan, Hillegas, Dave Mark and others.
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    I may be biased, or maybe not, but I still think that Apple's documentation is the best out there for getting up to speed as quickly as possible with developing for the iPhone. Assuming you've downloaded the SDK, the path to being functional is laid out clearly in their "Getting Started" summaries. The only catch is, that you can't be a dummy. :^) And BTW, they don't cost anything.


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