Are there mac-like PC cases?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ieani, Feb 14, 2007.

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    I want to build a Myth Box and as much as Id like to try and use a mac case it just will be too difficult for my low level of experience with building computers. And I would rather use Ubuntu for my OS than OSX. That is for no other reason than than I want to try out linux. So I am looking for some aesthetically pleasing cases. If you recommend one a picture or link would be great. Thanks!
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    Mar 7, 2006

    Here are some old mac cases that you can used. They look good and if they are complete, they come with loading bays etc so you can easily put the components in places
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    I would still try to find a G5 or G4 case or the like on eBay (as mentioned by the poster above), and use that. The only problem I'd foresee would be mounting the motherboard, and that's solved by just drilling some holes in the case - not too difficult. Most "look-alike" cases don't really look anything like Mac ones, and are pretty frickin' ugly to boot.
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    It should probably be pointed out that G4 cases are very difficult to modify for regular atx motherboards and components. The motherboard attaches to the wrong side of the case, which folds down when opened. This can be overcome, and there are guides available with some googling, but this doesn't seem like what you want to do (and boy does it look like a pain). the G4 cases also didn't have super airflow, making it harder to keep them quiet.

    G5/Mac Pro cases are easier to modify but are more expensive and there would still be plenty of metal work involved.

    I've never seen a 'mac-like' case that wasn't hideous, so my suggestion is to give up on the mac factor and build a myth box that looks like a myth box. there are plenty of cases around that aren't ungodly hideous, and you could always go for the 'media center' form factor as well.

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