iPhone XR Are they all unlocked??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by raylo32, Nov 9, 2018 at 8:17 AM.

  1. raylo32 macrumors newbie

    I have read several places that the iPhones come unlocked, even if you buy them from/for a specific provider. Is this true? What about if you buy for a specific network provider but from a 3rd party like Best Buy or Walmart? They all seem to be "world phones" with all the different radio bands. I plan to buy for full price up front to go no contract so I can switch later if I want... and to be able to get a local SIM card for when I travel outside of the US.
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    Oct 12, 2015
    If you buy full price directly from Apple, yes they are unlocked (with the exception of a few reports that the AT&T models are locked).

    DO NOT buy from Best Buy. Their full price model will lock to the first sim inserted. I wouldn’t trust Walmart either.

    Your best bet is to buy the T-Mobile or Verizon model from Apple, or wait for the sim free model.
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    I bought my Xs (ATT) from the Apple store and paid full price. When I checked the IMEI via the ATT website, it was locked. Sent a request to unlock it and it was unlocked in 10 minutes.
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    I guess if it is that easy to unlock after the fact this is a non-issue no matter where you buy the phone.
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    That's just ONE carrier.

    Just try unlocking on Sprint and see how far you get, even after paying in full. They will demand that you meet their policy of 50 days active service. T-Mobile will demand 40 days of active service.

    And Verizon may or may not be unlocked depending on if they are enforcing it at the time or not.
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    I had Sprint once upon a time with a Samsung S3. Service wasn't great. I ditched that phone several years ago in favor of just carrying my work iPhones with which I have had both VZ and T services both pretty good. So for a new personal phone I am probably going to go with VZ or T this time around. Leaning toward the $55 VZ single line 5GB plan. I don't travel far off the beaten path often but when I do the only folks that seem to have service have VZ. And in my experience VZ has the fastest connections, like when turning on a phone when your plane lands... and less latency overall. Not sure about customer service for unlocking, etc since hardware buys and work phone accounts are handled for us.


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