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Feb 3, 2016
the pool
I keep seeing VPN trending in the App Store, but are these apps really trending? I actually know 1 friend other than me that uses a VPN that isn't a tech guy

I feel like its a bunch of Chinese people with 200 iPhone 5c models that keep searching for VPN

not the most important question in the world, but shows the App Store search trending thing could be manipulated,
this is US App Store, so this isn't some crazy country that blocks certain publications, websites, or content


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Apr 23, 2013
It wouldn't surprise me. The underhanded activities of even the biggest VPN providers never ceases to dismay me.

There is one lone crusader that I know of, this guy: Give his site your support, I hope he maintains it as long as possible.

EDIT 18/11/20: I can no longer confidently recommend this site as unbiased. They have recently sold their content to another company which has advertising disguised as ‘Top Ten lists’.
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Aug 24, 2013
I've been looking into this. I'm no longer a part time iOS user with only an iPad as I now have an iPhone.
I did have the official onion client with orfox solely for online activities such as Facebook and the odd shopping site that had no app.

I'm now wondering if I should worry? There's an iOS alternative that I see. This whole thing has me intrigued given I've now gone full time iOS.

Do many of you here use it more than for just a few things? If so what else?


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Apr 23, 2013
Which one do you use/prefer?

I use Private Internet Access, but it's not perfect. I don't like to recommend one VPN service over another, they all have pros and cons. Check out the link I posted earlier in the thread, there is lots of unbiased information which will help you make up your own mind.
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