Are we assuming Amazon Prime Video is coming with tvOS 11?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ra4oasis, Jul 17, 2017.

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    My Roku Express, which I use currently only for Amazon Prime Video, is flaking out right now, it stutters all the time, and I can't figure it out. I know Prime Video is coming to the TV, but did they say it was part of tvOS 11? Or was it just vaguely announced, with no firm release timeframe, other than "this fall"?
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    Ultimately, it is up to Amazon to develop, test and put the app on the App Store. It is not necessarily dependent on Apple releasing tvOS11, and the app is not available (yet) in the Beta.

    More likely, the agreement between Apple and Amazon either specifies timing because there are other elements of the agreement that are dependencies, or Amazon is in no hurry to dilute their Fire line.
  3. HobeSoundDarryl, Jul 17, 2017
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    Since Apple formally announced it, it will probably show before end of year. It seems a good guess- but only a guess- that it will be a big announcement (again) in one of the Fall events including perhaps an :apple:TV event per teasers dropped at the WWDC announcement. My guess: dedicated :apple:TV event probably with a hardware update and this will be re-announced there too.

    Stuttering hardware that has worked fine in the past could be a hardware issue but is probably a broadband or wifi issue at your place. I suggest experiments to rule out such possibilities. For example, if the Roku has an ethernet port, test making a wired connection to see if the stuttering persists without relying on wifi. If it solves it, the problem is not the box but the wifi. Or vice versa (if you are already wired, test using wifi to rule out a faulty ethernet cable). Have you reset the box recently (unplug, wait 30-60 seconds, plug it back in)?

    If you are leaning on wifi, is the wifi router far from the location of the Roku box? Can you get them closer together? Is there any wifi interfering-stuff between the router and the box? Either scenario could still deliver wifi to the box but maybe at a too-constrained level for smooth streaming.

    Have you (or anyone) shared your wifi password with some neighbors and now they may be secretly hogging your wifi bandwidth? Change your password and test for stuttering again.

    Do you have another Roku or perhaps have a friend with the same box? If so, can you sub in the other box and see if it also stutters in your setup, location & environment. OR take your box to a friend's place with the same box and swap them out in their setup, location & environment. Then see if it also stutters there. If it works fine in their setup, consider what is different about their setup vs. yours.

    Is the stuttering occurring with video that previously played just fine? Or could the video be encoded beyond the box's capabilities? If you have a video that has previously played just fine on that box, test with it again. If you are getting video from unknown sources and/or encoding video yourself at settings beyond the playback hardware capabilities, that could be causing the stuttering.

    Have you tested the basics? Swapping out HDMI cables to eliminate any possibilities there (has the cat or dog chewed an HDMI cable)? Is an HDMI connection loose somewhere? Have you tested a switch from one HDMI input on the TV to another?

    Have you run speedtest when you see this stuttering to see if you have enough broadband speed for streaming video? For example, is your broadband too slow for what you are streaming? Are multiple other people burning a lot of bandwidth at the same time you are trying to stream video? Are 2, 3 or 4+ other devices in your home also demanding a lot of wifi or wired bandwidth while you are trying to stream video? Etc. Run speedtest WHEN the stuttering is occurring, not just once at some other point of time and assuming you consistently get whatever speed it shows.

    Is it an area thing? For example, do you see stuttering no matter what time of day you try to watch something or only- perhaps- in the evening, when- probably- lots of other people in your area are also cranking up the broadband demands? Some broadband systems will be negatively affected during higher-demand times. Running speedtest several times throughout the day- but especially when you are seeing the stuttering- may reveal this issue.

    In short: lots of possibilities that aren't necessarily failing hardware in the Roku. It's not hard to test many of the potential issues above to see if you can narrow the issue down to a specific cause. If it is NOT the Roku, a new :apple:TV hooked up to the same setup is not necessarily going to improve the situation. In other words, if it's an HDMI cable, or broadband constraints, or family/friends broadband hogging, etc, you'll probably still get the stuttering even if you change boxes.
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    I think it will come with iOS 11 or shortly there after. On a side note, for some reason the iOS 11 Beta has a lot more TV Providers (35 vs 24) which should not require iOS 11. And some of the bigger names are only in the iOS 11 Beta like Charter (Spectrum), Comcast and Verizon FIOS.

    Tim also made a point of saying it will be part of the TV App which may be part of the reason for the delay.
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    I will only add that Tim Cook said Amazon Prime video channel would be coming to all Apple TVs, I took that to mean ATV2, 3, 4, and the coming 5, so it is not reliant on iOS 11.

    I would guess the channel will come at the same time Amazon begins selling ATVs on their website again, as they claimed the reason for not selling ATVs was because Prime Video was not available on it. ...Surely they will wait for ATV5.

    I will refer to techwarrior's 1st paragraph, and add that I don't think they will make a big announcement out of it again, but when they show the new Apple TV Prime will be one of the channels they show off, perhaps with 4K content available (on ATV5 only).
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    It probably won't come to 2/3 - have there been any new apps for that those? They are discontinued. If they do...great? If not, stop being a cheap ass and upgrade.
  7. Beezer70, Jul 20, 2017
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    Amazon did secure streaming rights for Thursday Night NFL games starting this fall. I would assume they want as many eyeballs on their stream as possible, so I would expect it to be released late August or early September.
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    Wow, maybe quit being a dick, there are (IDK how many) millions of ATV3s out there still in use. Just like there are cheaper versions of Roku and such out there in use.

    ATV3 is still supported by Apple, (it is not yet vintage), and was being sold as new less than a year ago.

    Some new channels do come on ATV3. And Apple put out a software update for the ATV3 last December (even after no longer making the devices).

    Quote: "Amazon is coming to the TV app, and all Apple TVs later this year." He specifically did not say that it was an app, indicating it may come to ATV3 as well. I could be wrong, but, I think it will be a channel on ATV3, and an app for ATV4 & 5 (when it comes out).
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    Apr 12, 2005
    I think there was a channel added to the older Apple TV in UK after it was discontinued, can't remember what it is called, seemed to be foreign news channels. My ATV 3 seems to be the the only Apple device that hasn't got slower with age.
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    I believe it's a pretty safe bet... Feels like it'd be a tentpole feature.
  11. perezr10, Jul 30, 2017
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    I’d expect it will come out in the fall...with the new 4K Apple TV. It would make for an interesting demo on stage.

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