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    Recently, my sister picked up an Early-2009 MacBook at a Flea Market. Everything worked fine, but it had belonged to a school, and it had DeepFreeze installed on it, and it really bothered her. She got her hands on a Snow-Leopard Installation Disk, and tried to reinstall OS X. When she put the disk in and held down C, it booted up in Snow-Leopard, but it said "this OS X Cannot Be Installed On This Computer", and proceeded to try to go to TimeMachine. So this is where it gets interesting. She read somewhere to ignore any messages that pop up, and she went ahead and in the Disk Utility, she deleted the "Macintosh HD", so there is no longer an OS on the Harddrive, we get the blinking folder.

    I have nothing against Macs, but I am a PC guy, and I have no idea what to do now. Is there any way to get the Snow-Leopard OS X disk to work on an Early-2009 MacBook, or will I have to torrent a Leopard Image and go through the process of putting it on a proper DVD?

    Thank you!!
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    Do you have a friend with a Mac? If so, they could make you a bootable Mavericks USB.

    As far as the Snow Leopard DVD thing goes, if it is the one that came with a computer, I think they might have been specific to a model, so that may be why its not working on your machine. You could probably find a download of the retail Leopard or Snow Leopard DVD for download somewhere if you looked and make a bootable USB from that.

    If it was a 2010 or newer model, it could use Internet Recovery and it would download the OS by itself.
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    To install Snow Leopard, she needs the $20 retail disc (white background with a snow leopard on it), not gray installation discs from some other Mac. Gray discs are model-specific and, generally speaking, won't install OS X on a Mac for which they were not intended to be used.
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    First if it's a grey disk it can't be used unless it's for the same machine i.e. another 2009 early '09 MacBook if it's white you're good to go.

    Boot from the disk, keep clicking until you get to the part you where it asks you where you want to install go up to the top bar and to utilities then disk utility. Select disk utility from the drop down then locate your base HD then go to the partition tab. Select OSX extended journaled on the right and then at the bottom there will be another drop down (options) select guid partition table. In the name dialog call it whatever you want then hit apply. When it's done partitioning hit the red button and go through the install process.
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    You can purchase the Snow Leopard installer (the real one on DVD) directly from Apple:
    And, you can also purchase 10.7 or 10.8 for the same price. Those newer versions are downloads, and not available on DVD.

    Keep in mind that if your MacBook is actually a 2010 model, newer than you think, then Snow Leopard from the commercial DVD is not going to work either (and you will still get that message). Snow Leopard can still be setup through a multi-step process, but probably easier to move straight to 10.7 or 10.8
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    But to purchase and download 10.7 or 10.8, the Mac will first need access to the online App Store. That access comes only with a machine at 10.6.6 or above, no?
  7. DeltaMac macrumors G3


    Jul 30, 2003
    Yes - but it doesn't need to be THAT same Mac. It can be any Mac that can download from the App store.
    Download the installer, and create a bootable USB flash drive, which will allow you to use the installer whenever you need it, without waiting for the download...
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    There are many web sites which have instructions about how to make a boot disk for OSX. Do some google and I think you will find them.

    You might try this site (they build Hackintoshes), they have extensive information about installing OSX from thumb drives and such. They also will not violate Apple's copyrights so do not expect them to have downloadable OSX copies.
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    Do you still have the problem?

    Which operating system was installed at that time?

    Some Macs require older firmware to accept the older OS (Snow Leopard).

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