iPhone X Are you getting charged for sending Animoji's?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Zigourney, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Since owning my iphone X, I've only ever sent two animoji's, on the first occasion to my wifes iphone 6, both handsets were in the house connected to wifi, but I got billed for it through my carrier. On the second occasion I sent a couple of Animoji's to my mates iphone X and I also got charged for it.

    The charges on my bill for both occasions said MMS messages, I am on the EE network and in the U.K.
    I thought Animoji's were free to send via iMessages to any iphones as long as you're connected to the wifi/data? I checked the messages app and the messages are showing up in blue colour, that means they are part of iMessage and have not been sent through my carrier.

    Not sure I want to send anymore animoji's if I keep getting charged for them, do I need to do anything in the settings maybe?
  2. Vermifuge macrumors 68000


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    I think the Animoji are sent as a Quicktime movie. Bit i don't know why that would send as anything other than an iMessage if the chat bubbles are blue. Have you checked your iMessages setting? There is an option that says "Send as MMS" When iMessages is unavailable. I always leave that turned off.
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    Interesting. I thought it’d be sent as iMessage as well. Could there be a situation where your phone may have not been connected to the internet when you sent it and instead of iMessage it went via MMS?
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    Thanks, I just checked my settings and the option for "Send as SMS" has been ticked (send as sms when iMessages is unavailable, Carrier messaging rates may apply)

    Also under SMS/MMS settings
    My MMS Messaging options is also ticked. Should I untick this so that it is forced not to send any MMS messages?

    I'm sure on both occasions I was connected to wifi as on both occasions I sent the animoji's from home whilst connected to wifi.
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    I reckon my phone was defaulting to sending MMS messages via the carrier and not iMessages because the MMS Messaging options was ticked. I have unchecked this box now and will test it.

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