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Spaceboi Scaphandre

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Original poster
Jun 8, 2022
Ever since updating to iOS 16.3.1, my AirPods Max now constantly lose connection with my phone, the noise cancelling and transparency mode just ceasing to work randomly too. A friend who also updated recently says his AirPods Pro are doing the same thing. When connected to a non Apple device they don't have this problem, it's only on iPhone


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Feb 1, 2008
I had an issue now where I put my pro 2 in my ears and they sounded like crap. Like an am radio. Rebooted my phone and it resolved the issue. 16.3.1


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Nov 19, 2015
My APP2 lose connection with my 14 Pro every.single.time a few minutes into every call. Apple, please fix this!
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