Areca arc-1882 and OWC Qx2

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by sam0329, Aug 3, 2012.

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    I would like to know if anybody have experience or knowledge about the Areca ARC-1882 or Areca SAS raid with OWC Qx2. I recently brought a ARC-1882 and use a SAS to 4xsata 2m long fan out cable to attach the Qx2 to the controller. I can detect and mount it as a physical disk however the Qx2 will get drop by the controller after a while or when I tried to access or copy things. I contacted Areca and they said they have no experience with the OWC product :(
    Will that be the cable? Will 1m cable do better? Please advise. Thank you very much :)
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    May 6, 2008
    Please provide details as to how things are configured, particularly the cabling.

    That said, you need to understand that the Qx2 has it's own RoC (RAID on a Chip), which will conflict with the ARC-1882 over operation if you're not careful (Qx2 would have to allow each disk in the unit to be seen as separate disks prior to configuring a RAID configuration on the 1882 at best, and there's still the potential for issues due to the chips used between the card and enclosure).

    As per cables, the specification (SATA) is 1.0 meters for such a fan-out cable (SAS - 4*SATA). Distance is one problem, since your cable is 2x that @ 2.0 meters (eSATA is good for 2.0 meters, but not internal SATA or SAS, which is the standard used by the ARC-1882, or any other proper RAID card for that matter). It's also a performance bottle neck, as all disks are handled by 1x SATA/SAS port.

    In short, you'd be better off using a proper SAS enclosure for your disks, which uses a SAS port (SFF-8088 per 4 drives). Example of a 4x disk enclosure that uses an SFF-8088 port, and they also make an 8 drive model (TR8X).

    Internal SAS to external SAS cable (note the length of 1.0 meters; do NOT exceed this).
    External SAS to external SAS (again, same length specification).

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