Aren't I supposed to have a week?


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Mar 2, 2011
A couple weeks ago I had to reboot and lost my jb (iphone 5s running 10.2.1, yalu beta7). So today I finally got around to re-jbing. Went fine, although the yalu102 app took a couple tries before cydia would work.

I downloaded winterboard, which I'd been meaning to do forever. It made me reboot after it installed.

... And the jb was gone!

So I re-re-jailbroke. Downloaded a theme. It made me reboot again (kind of surprised it wasn't just a respring for a theme?).

My jb is gone again!

I thought I was supposed to have a week after I jailbreak to reboot without losing it. Kind of annoying if I can't download anything from cydia without immediately losing the jb. Anyone know what's going on?