Argh! Employment; torn on a decision


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Mar 17, 2004
So, I'm going to university on September 20th, and I realized I had time for a small part-time job but just barely, and I didn't make much effort to look for one. Last year I worked for GameStop; The manager at GameStop came out and told me last month that I'm one of the most enthusiastic employees they've had and he wants me to come work again.

When I mentioned that I don't know how much time I'll have with school and all, he told me that if I wanted he could just put me on the payroll and have me work one or two hours a week and I could still get all the discounts. He's a friend of mine, had the same Computer Science teacher and will be going to my university next year for the same program.

This was last month.

Yesterday, I went in to CompUSA- my CompUSA is one of the rare ones that actually has intelligent people in it. The Mac rep is really cool and most of the employees love Macs and know at least a decent amount about them.

I hung out for a few hours in the Mac sections trying out Macs trying to decide what to get for school. Customers started coming, I started answering questions, and by the end of the day at least three different people had told various CompUSA reps to hire me and I had sold a 20" iMac as well as helped out some frustrated customers.

One of the other sales reps came to me and said that they didn't have a lot of guys with a great knowledge of Macs and he loved how I speak to customers (I watch a lot of Steve Jobs keynotes ;) ) and how I was doing his job for him perfectly and he wants/needs me to work there. The hiring manager was out, so he takes my number and says he'll call me.

I walk in today just to say hi and the rep I met (James) is very excited to see me. He goes off to find the hiring manager (meanwhile I sell ANOTHER 20" iMac, the customer tells the Apple rep to hire me, he says "We're working on it!") and then they take me in the back for an interview.

Despite NOT being dressed for an interview (coming from the gym with messy hair, unshaven, shorts and a T-shirt) and having a dry throat and my stomach gurling during the interview, I got hired on the spot from my knowledge and the strong recommendation of James who apparently is their best salesman, contingent on my drug test passing (which it will, my dad is a DEA officer, I'd be dead if I ever touched a drug ;) ).

I got home from getting hired when...guess what...I get a call from GameStop!
I tell Matt, the manager, that my schedule is going to be really hard and I don't think there's any way I can work there this fall. His immediate response is, "Oh, that's okay! I can put you on the payroll anyway and I only really need you in December for all the new console launches- and you have the entire December off school!" And he wants to see me on Sunday.

What should I do? I'm torn between working in a game store and the Mac section of a CompUSA. My two loves- Apple and Nintendo. Both are begging me to work there. Should I turn down GameStop? Should I take the offer of no work till December? I'm not even sure if I'll have time for CompUSA with my school (they require 10 hours a week).

I won't make a decision based off forum posts, but any advice is appreciated :)

EDIT: Oh, and I have you guys to thank for me getting hired. Where do you think I got all my Mac knowledge? Thanks MR! :D


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Jul 11, 2003
Let's see, get to talk to adults looking to buy Apple computers or kids buying games. Hmm...


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Mar 17, 2004
rdowns said:
Let's see, get to talk to adults looking to buy Apple computers or kids buying games. Hmm...
Actually, I get mostly adults at the local GameStop. Strange, I know. The GameStop in the mall and EBGames gets a lot more kids.

And I'm going to be buying a lot of games this fall, discounts = nice...


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Aug 16, 2005
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When it rains it pours. Can you take both and see if CompUSA will give you some latitude in December?



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Mar 17, 2004
I could probably keep my school schedule for December for CompUSA and have GameStop fill in the time I'd keep for school.

CompUSA will be giving me ~10 hours a week, no less...I hope I can even keep that one job alone up with school. GameStop actually said they can give me only one or two hours a week if I wanted, but I just got hired by CompUSA so I'm not going to just quit the day after...

I'll tell the GameStop guy everything tomorrow I guess and see what he says.


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Oct 1, 2004
Bah, the choice is simple in my opinion. You are not going to make a career out of a retail job once you get out of college. Therefore, I'd take the job that pays more. Simple as that.


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Aug 20, 2005
Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
Take the job that gives you more time to study and sleep....Believe me dude working full time and going to school is not fun:(

Congrats though...some people don't get that sort of luck.