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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by subH2Ochick, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Jun 29, 2011
    Hi All
    I am hoping someone can help me. About 3 months ago I replaced the battery for my 2008 15" MBP. I changed it, started it up, loved it, charged it and then shut it down and disconnected it as I knew I wasn't going to be using it for a while.

    Tonight when I went to fire it up, I turned on the power button, nothing. Ok, I checked the battery. Dead Jim. No problem, I removed the battery because I can, and plugged it back into run off power. Not only Dead Jim, but Dead Jim Dead. :eek:

    So I referred to by Everything Mac book (pardon the pun) and on page 55 there is a series of things you can do to try and restart your Mac or reset power managers. Again, nothing. I tried them all in order and none of them worked. So, I have replaced the battery, plugged it all back in to recharge the battery.

    I would like to know if anyone has any ideas. It has not been exposed to heat (other that Australian weather), it lives under a window (always closed and blinds closed) and not exposed to water or any other form of wet stuff. Apart from it just upping and dying which I hope is not the case, I have done nothing to cause it to die unless it went Skynet on me out of loneliness.

    I would appreciate any feedback anyone might have. I wanted to back up my phone before I go away and as the phone is synced to the Macbook Pro, I am in a bit of a bind.

    Many thanks in advance for some insight.

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    Aug 10, 2013
    hm that is a bad one. I have no idea on how to fix that I hope someone can help you.

    I do not think the failing to start up has a connection to the battery. If it is dry in Australia and I don´t know if it is. But if it is then there is a chance that you perhaps have damaged the motherboard with static electricity. Those can tend to get worse over time and kill the motherboard over time.
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    Mar 5, 2009
    How long did you plug it in for? Leave it plugged in for at least an hour before you try to start it. Also, are you using the power brick that came with the laptop or a smaller one from another laptop you have?

    By that I mean, if a MBP battery is dead, it will require a 85W (American, not sure what it is down there) power brick to charge it. You can't use a smaller one, say for a Macbook or Macbook Air to kickstart it.
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    So, you took the battery out and are trying to power it on without the battery installed? If I understand the sequence of events...

    - Tried to power on without the power adapter connected/plugged in, nothing happened
    - Removed the battery
    - Connected the power adapter and tried to power on without the battery

    What about trying to power it on with the battery in and power adapter connected? What does the charge LED show? Why are you trying to run off the power adapter without the battery installed?

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