ARGH! iTunes screwed up my Music folder organization!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Mazda 3s, Aug 9, 2009.

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    ARGH!! I just went from a PC to a Mac, so I transferred all of my music over with no problems (so I thought). They way I had things organized on my PC was that each album had it's on separate folder (including soundtracks).


    Dave Matthews Band/Before These Crowded Streets
    Soundtracks/City of Angels
    Soundtracks/Romeo Must Die

    Having it this way is simple and cuts down on the number of folders.

    However, I noticed that I somehow forgot to uncheck the "Let iTunes Organize My Music Folder" box because now I have artists folders and random crap all spread across my Music folder. This is especially prevalent with soundtracks. Instead of all of the songs being under one single folder, they're are now spread across multiple folders by artist name.

    Now I know that this shouldn't bother me because my iPhone/iTunes library sees them as if it's one big pool of data and it doesn't matter which folder they come from (since everything is properly tagged), but I'm anal about organization and this is driving me CRAZY!! :mad::)

    Can I fix this some way without have to weed through every new folder and rearrange everything manually?
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    The only way to put it back to the original way is to manually do it yourself. But now that you have itunes organizing your music, just let itunes keep it organized. There is no real need to ever go into the folder structure since you can drag and drop from itunes itself. Also itunes organizes the way you had it, it just uses different folder names. Most songs stay artist/album/songs. If you want to keep soundtracks organized, select all the songs in the soundtrack in itunes, right click, then choose get info, then check "part of compilation". All songs in the soundtrack will now be made into one folder under the various artists folder. So all soundtracks and other mixed artist cds will be in that folder.
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    I've been searching for that myself. I found this page searching google...... I'm in the process of trying some of the things I hope it helps......
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    iTunes organizes based on Album Artist (or Artist if this tag is missing), then Album, then Disc Number, then Track Number, then Name.

    Change the Album Artist on your soundtracks to Soundtracks, then iTunes will organize them in a folder called Soundtracks, like you had before. I have all my albums containing various artists under Various Artists.
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    Itunes is a joke, I have a music set of 4 cd's, I import them and it will not group them together, The most I can get is 2 to a group, # 3 and 4 ends up in a totally different group, Been trying for 2 days, ITUNES JUST PLAN SUCKS
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    You still have the PC?
    Empty out the Mac's Music library and start over.
    Be sure that pesky "organize junk for me" is not selected.
    Then move everything over again.

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