ARGH! Stressful Game - FREE!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by DeveloperIphone, Dec 18, 2009.

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    "Argh! Stressful Game is a game so simple in the dynamics as it is difficult in practice: the aim is not to finish the two spheres beyond the bars on wood. The aim is to resist as long as possible, but will not be easy "

    "This is a game iPhone and iPod Touch seems stressful to wish ;-)"

    "Monstrous: The art of making super complex with super simple! Un grand bravo!"
    SchrevelC (user App Store France)

    "Everything is in the title ... :)"
    Omri4229 (user App Store France)

    "Frankly it's nice, the kind of game we play when we have not much to do, like it is 3 then one has to wait launches ptits challenges ^ ^"
    Darthmat (user App Store France)

    "... My best score is 11.74 ... And you??"
    "I was a me" (user App Store France; not me)


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