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Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition Performance on 2020 4-port 13" MacBook Pros


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May 20, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Batman: Arkham City is one of the few games to survive Catalina's culling of 32-bit app support. Having played and loved both it and Arkham Asylum, I can see why, of the two, that one made the cut. Apparently the update to 64-bit also reworked the game to have pretty decent Metal support and the game is also supposedly much faster. For those that own this game for the Mac (either via the Mac App Store, Steam, or both) AND one of the (Intel) 4-port 13" MacBook Pro models introduced earlier this year, how does the game run on this machine?

I own this game (incidentally, on both the Mac App Store, and Steam), it is compatible with Catalina, and I also own PCs. So, please spare me the usual "why are you gaming on a Mac? Get a PC" argument.

I'm just curious as to how this game performs on the 10th Gen Quad-Core CPUs (and sans a discrete GPU) as that's most likely my next Mac purchase. Arkham City performance won't be a make-or-break factor that forces me into sacrificing portability and getting a 16" MacBook Pro instead; again, I have capable PCs. It would just be cool to have whatever games I can play on both platforms installed on both platforms (which, in Catalina and beyond, won't be much).
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