Arlo Home Secrity Cameras?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by tardman91, Dec 26, 2016.

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    I'm in the market for some wireless home security cameras and I think I'm most interested in the Arlo cameras from Netgear. My wife got me a wired system that I returned this morning. My attic is not very accessible and I don't feel like messing with wires, or having to plug the cameras in. Does anyone use Arlo? Happy/not happy? Other alternatives I should consider? Looking for at least 3 cameras in the $3-400 range, or lower if something better is available.
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    Although I'm not in the market for or owner of an Arlo camera, my favorite YouTuber made a rather fantastic review of the device (which I was watching last night, coincidentally). It's very long but very thorough, so to supplement the discussion, here it is:

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    own two arlo cameras, purchased at costco when they were on sale for 199$.

    love them.

    still on first set of batteries that they came with, and i am using the 'high def' setting that will suck batteries more. the motion feature is very good as well as editing the different settings.

    night time viewing kinda sucked, so i put a led spotlight on my driveway and it turns on with motion as well as the arlo cam, which could def makeout a face of good profile of a person if needed.

    easy to install and VERY portable. i recommend them.
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    I love the Arlo cameras - we've got 5 of them and never had a problem in the 6 months we've had them: they're all still on their first set of batteries too

    The only thing to be aware of is they only record on movement, not continuously so if that's a feature you want, they're a non starter, but if they fit your requirements, I'd highly recommend them

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