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Aug 14, 2007
I'm relatively new to mac (purchased MBP in October) and I just upgraded to Leopard today. On the previous OS, I was able to arrange and move around the desktop icons as necessary. For example, I would create a sticky note on the left side of my screen reminding me of an assignment or project that I needed to do, and I would drag the corresponding files next to the sticky note. I noticed now that the icons are seemingly "locked" to the grid, unable to move them.

Additionally, I find it frustrating that I cannot rearrange the documents or folders within a folder. For example, I have one folder (in 'Documents') with all of my school work, and several sub-folders inside for different projects or classes. I'm only given the options to arrange by name, size, type, etc., but I'd rather be able to drag the most important/most commonly accessed folders to the top of the list--hopefully also placing them in the top of my stack, instead of buried somewhere in the middle. Are there settings/options that I'm overlooking that would allow me to do this, or am I stuck sorting by name, size, type, date modified/having the icons locked to the grid?


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Aug 13, 2004
Boise, ID
I just recently had this problem myself. I have been a mac user for a while, and I can tell you it is not normal! I also had spotlight disappear at the same time.

I finally fixed it, I ended up repairing permissions, the shutting down, unplugged my iMac for a minute, then booted back up. (not sure if that last bit is necessary)

When it cam back up everything was fine! Hope that helps you or anyone else that runs into this!

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