Ars: "Our own sources insist that a more serious update is being worked on"


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Aug 6, 2007
They are working on lots of things that never see the light of day. Who knows. I really am interested to see what and when they update the iMac.


Mar 7, 2012

Seems to mesh with the Tim Cook email, but what does Apple think is going to happen in the mean time until the update is done?
They hope the new price point will pull over everybody who is on a box that is 1,1-ish and due to lose support while hoping everybody else will remain complacent after going through a period of bitching. Apple knows that their fans will not move over to windowz boxes even though they have been temporarily left in the dust. They will unleash something that is "cutting edge" in a year, at which point people will be so desperate to catch up to the tech that they will have to go with whatever is in the works. They are banking on loyalty. They know that once they've got somebody in the ecosystem, they are unlikely to switch. It all seems rather dubious.


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Sep 30, 2009
Conspiracy theory.... From now on, Mac Pros will be updated and purchased by internal Apple departments only.

No more public sales, since they are only helping competitors.
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