Article: Apple Insiders Review of the 2011 MBP's

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    Just a few random comments:

    Nice chart comparing all the models, but they list the 11" air as a 10". Now that's a minor and obvious point, but in a chart that is all numbers it makes you wonder how well the rest of them were proofread.
    Thunderbolt is not only fast, but also smart, supporting Target Disk Mode (something no version of USB can handle)

    So happy to learn this! I returned a 2010 MB because I disliked the lack of Firewire and ability to use Target Disk Mode. I was worried that if Firewire was superseded by Thunderbolt that TDM might be taken away.
    The 13 inch Pro provides a 1280x800 LED-backlit glossy widescreen display, similar in pixel count to the 11 inch MacBook Air. There is no higher resolution option similar to the 13 inch MacBook Air, which Apple appears capable of sourcing.

    I don't understand this comment, since the 11" Air is like 138 ppi (why I could never use it) and the MBP 13" is around 113 ppi. I guess "pixel count" is different than "pixels per inch" and so they really are the same pixel count. But isn't ppi what is more "important" :confused:

    I've been thinking of changing from 13" to 15", so the stacks of MBP's helped me to visualize the size difference.

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    I agree; that really doesn't leave a good taste, no matter how accurate everything might be.

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