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    Feb 16, 2010

    I'd like to mention about new version about new version of my app - ArtStudio for iPad.
    App is used by a lot of professional illustrator, photographers etc. My goal was to create "perfect" drawing/painting/photo editing app for iPad.

    See the video:

    Just a few features:
    - max canvas sizes: 2048x1536(iPad 1), 2592x1936 (iPad 2), 2448x3264 (the new iPad)
    - use as many layers as memory allows
    - 450 high quality brushes (150 free, 300 paid) divided into 30 groups
    - new text tool with text layers, use external TTF fonts (uploaded in iTunes)
    - curves adjustment, auto contrast/colors/white balance
    - guidelines/grid (added in the latest update 4.2 - released today)
    - selections
    - smudge, wet brush

    Video presentation:


    App name: ArtStudio for iPad
    Price: $4.99
    iTunes Link:

    Sylwester Los, Lucky Clan

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