As Dell as i7 Quad core cpus in there laptops when will Apple?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MacDawg, Feb 21, 2010.

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    You have been on the Forum here long enough to know there is no real answer to your question

    Edit: The OP's post disappeared... this is not my thread :)

    Anyway the quad core has been discussed elsewhere... thickness, battery life, etc.
    Nobody has any real information on this for MBP's
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    Is English your native language? In the pursuit of good communication, not trying to be harsh on the OP, you used "as," which should have been "has" in "As Dell has," and "there" instead of "their" in "in their laptops." Please check your posts before submitting them, it will make it easier for everybody to understand your posts.:D
    Many companies have, or will soon have, brought out i5 or i7 based models, but Apple is - I assume, no real knowledge - trying to do it the Apple way, and make a better product. You might be interested in reading the review of the HP Envy on Gizmodo, and the related comments saying there is little to actually envy. It is not enough to just have the latest CPU, it must be incorporated in a balanced well designed system in order to earn respect. Wait patiently please, I believe it will be worth it.
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    What happened to the OP? 1st post is showing as MacDawg answering the OP.

    Anyhows - key question is how thick is that Dell laptop? Likely a little thicker than a MBP, no? And it'ds battery life?

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