As much as I try to udnerstand iCloud, I can't

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    Nov 4, 2011
    I'm such a noob. I'm really sorry. But if I store everything on iCloud, can I listen to my songs without wireless? And will it save much more space? I can't understand it. Is it just a back up for your mac, ipod, iphone etc.? :confused:
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    The only thing iCloud has to do with your music is giving you the ability to download previous purchases you made with your apple ID onto your device. You may be thinking of iTunes Match, which is coming soon, but we won't go into that.

    Yes, iCloud is essentially a backup of your important data and also a continuous syncing of info with your other devices. You don't have to worry about losing your contacts, calendars, etc because all that stuff is saved and associated with your iCloud account. If you lost your phone and got a new one, you just have to log into your iCloud account and all your info will be restored.

    Also, it acts as an auto-sync with other devices. If you have an iPhone, iPad, and Mac - it will sync all your stuff through the air. Add a contact on your iPhone, it's automatically on your iPad and Mac. Put in a new calendar event on your mac, it's there on your iPhone and iPad.
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    can you use iCloud as a cloud drive?
    like idisk or dropbox?
    in other words can you just drop any file onto iCloud for storage?
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    I don't understand it too.

    is iCloud is similar to MobileMe? like receiving email? create message and such like yahoo mail.

    they discontinued mobileme and replaced it with iCloud. thats why im confused
    im under snow leopard so i duno how iCloud works

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