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Discussion in 'iPad' started by katyoshi, Apr 1, 2011.

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    So ever since I got my ipad 2 from Walmart last week, I've been loving this machine. Its been quite fast during heavy use. I do notice a speed difference compared the ipad 1. Not saying ipad 1 is slow because it's not. Anyway, I love the speed, slimmer/lighter form factor. I have to admit, I enjoy apple products but boy do they have premium prices that come with enjoying their products. I guess premium quality comes with a premium price.

    My main reasons in buying this is speed, weight, and the AT&T 3G HSUPA. Since my ipad 1 didn't have the HSUPA, I noticed my 3G speeds were not as fast as my iphone 4 on AT&T and I need data while I'm at work since the hospitals I'm at don't give me access to their "secure" wifi and the military hospitals will definitely not give me access with a "foreign device" :rolleyes:.

    So I took some pictures if someone wants to see. I agree that this ain't gonna replace my 2009 15" MBP. I have yet to write research papers and create keynotes from this thing (I have all iWork suites). I just got the smart cover today from delivered via UPS and I love it. It's functional and gives the ipad a little more character. I got the blue polyurethane. Just that I gotta be careful and not drag the ipad on the table while in landscape typing mode. Also, I'm going to try type with the bluetooth apple keyboard one day and let you all know how the experience went.

    I got obsessive and ordered bestskinsever back only to prevent scratches. I love the thin form factor, but then again, I'm thinking about getting the incase book jacket for ipad 2. I wonder how good that is?:confused:

    Sorry for the long post, I just don't want to make multiple posts in a short time. ;)

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    Very cool!

    :D Actually I'm buying an iPad 2 (on order, not shipped yet...) and it's going to be my 'computer' when I travel overseas later this year. Other than that my iPad 1 goes with me to work, daily - it's brilliant.
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    Yes, I hardly bring my mbp on business trips anymore. I use the Jump app to access my laptop over the internet if needed. With all the great apps, it's very easy to be productive AND entertained.
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    and have hella battery life. i think of it as a niche tool that fits well into many situations. think its great to try the ipad 2 as a main.

    (I, of course, wouldn't use it as a main...have too many other :apple: "tools" to do that ;) )

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