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    After all, western people are more into thick and creamy soup. Anyway, there are numbers of soup that can be made based on Asian taste which is also be warm and uniquely spicy.

    Asian soup has different taste according to some of the countries. Japanese has delicate Miso Soup, Thailand has its hot and sour Tom Yam Gong, Indonesia has variant of Soto, Rawon or black soup, and other clear delicate soups. Those Asian soups are mostly tasty and having some warming ingredients that make our body feeling comfortable and blissfully happy.

    If American believe that soup is a natural healer for influenza, then we are agree that soup which made by sincere and love can warming the soul and relaxing the mind. This philosophy is like a lovely mother who gives love to the children.

    Therefore, this Asian Recipes : 30 Best Soup Recipes is dedicated to those who want to serve happiness and warmness into the bowl.

    Asian Recipes : 30 Best Soup Recipes is an iPad and iPhone application. It can be downloading on iTunes and it has 30 best soup recipes with high resolution pictures on each recipes. Moreover, these recipes are also can be easily shared via email and social network like Facebook or Twitter. Do not worry about the difficulties, because each recipe are easy to be made.

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    Are there hot pot recipes in here too? Good luck with the App!
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    Definitely going to have to try this! Also, nice name, almost didn't realize it was from OP.

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