Asmallorange vs. Hostgator?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by MacBook-Gal, Feb 2, 2009.

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    I'm in the process of designing a couple of new websites, and trying to decide on what hosting service to use. There is a company close to where I live that I have used before..they have great service and support, and the bonus of being local, but the downside is that they are a little expensive compared with other larger companies I have looked at. The others that I have been considering are asmallorange and hostgator. I know that a lot of people on here like asmallorange, and I found a coupon that let me try them a month for free, and they seemed great. I only wish that they had live chat or phone support. Anyway, if anyone has tried both asmallorange and hostgator, or has any other recommendations about why, or why not you would go with one of them over the other, then I would love to know your input on the subject.
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    I'm afraid I can't give you a comparison of the 2 companies but, I can give a recommendation for Hostgator. I have been with them for a few years now, first on a shared account and now on a reseller account for the last couple of years.

    I know that they have phone and live chat support available but I have never had to use them. My only dealings with support has been through email, and they have been quick (within an hour) to respond to my questions and fix my issues. I should say that the few issues I have had were things like getting a clients domain transferred and such, and nothing having to do with their service. I have only had my sites go down once in the time I have been with them and it was for scheduled server upgrades in the middle of the night that they had informed me about a couple weeks in advance.

    Needless to say I have been very happy with them and think that they certainly deserve a look.

    I would also suggest you check out some of the webhost review sites out there and also visit the user support forums (if available) of the different hosts you are considering. The forums will usually give you a good idea of any common problems and how the customers are treated by the webhost.
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    I've had A Small Orange for over two years now and couldn't be happier.

    They do have Live Chat at times, but it's been in beta testing forever, it seems.
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    I currently use both of them, Hostgator for large sites and the $25 asmallorange package as a holding area for lesser used domains and tiny sites.

    hostgator is definitely the better of the two, with ASO, if i visit one of my domains it sometimes doesn't load, 10 mins later its ok though.

    This has never happened with host gator and now they are unlimited (except for a 50000 file limit and 25% cpu rule) they are the better choice - this does present problems if you plan to have a large database driven / cms site.

    The only nit-pic i have with them is that although they say they have unlimited bandwidth, i've always been a bit a bit careful not to host too larger site with them, as i expect its not really unlimited.
    That said the account i have for a number of sites regularly sees over 40gb per month transfer and i've never had any emails from them.

    i'm in the uk too and can easily download from the hostgator server at my connections full speed of 8mb

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