Assign placeholder to a user in Profile Manager gets overwritten

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    Im in the DEP-program and want to pre assign an iPhone to a user, this because I want the %email% populated for the Exchange payload. If I assign the placeholder to a user, as soon as the user actually enrolls the phone during setup its as if the placeholder gets overwritten and the serial number is written instead of the name of the user right below the device. The device group membership stays for example.

    I can't be expected to monitor when a user unboxes and enrolls their phone and have to then assign the device so that the user gets the correct profile? Im trying Meraki MDM at the same time and there you can assign an owner to a device during the pre stage when the phone has been reported in and the owner stays during the whole process.
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    I'd recommend using anything but Profile Manager for this. Apple reps have told me multiple times that it's really more a proof of concept than a reliable service.

    In my environment we're using Mosyle Manager. It's geared specifically for schools, but also allows the functionality you describe. Meraki is good too I hear, so long as you fall within their device limit on the free plan.
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    Thanks for your reply, I have gotten that feeling from using Profile Manager. Would you recommend Mosyle even if we are not in the educational sector? Our budget can't really handle the Meraki cost if they were to change their policy with 100 devices. We will be renting out phones to 5-10 different companies and can place them in different organizations in Meraki but as I said it would all fall apart if Meraki were to change their policy.

    Are there any other good free/cheap MDM solutions?

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