Assignment #19 - Geometry

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Grimace, Jul 8, 2008.

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    with Hamburglar.
    In order to encourage MR members to expand their "photographic" eye, monthly themes will continue to be offered. The idea is that members will go out and try to find their own way of interpreting the monthly theme. Posting is open to all MR members, and encouraged.

    In keeping with the different skill/equipment levels that members have, it is asked that comments try to be constructive. The monthly themes are meant as a way to expand the way we look at things; not as a purely skill based competition.

    General notes:
    1. Assignments are open to all MR members.
    2. By submitting artwork, members implicitly agree to all these rules.
    3. Copyright of the artwork remains with the owner of the artwork.

    Assignment topics:
    1. Suggestions for the month's assignment are made in a single thread which will be set up late the month before.
    2. The assignment topic will be voted on by all members (although only those intending to submit pictures should vote) - as a public vote
    3. The assignment topic decision should never give less than 3 weeks of time to shoot the subject.
    4. The top non-winning topic will go through to the next month's poll. The remainder of the topics get a month's rest so that we see some new options!

    Submission rules:
    1. The artwork must meet all other forum rules.
    2. The artwork must meet all legal requirements. For example: authorization from models (if any) must be secured.
    3. Members should be the owner of the artwork they submit.
    4. While a member can submit more than one image, they can only submit one image of a particular subject.
    5. The shooting of photo(s) must be created during the assignment period.
    6. Artwork may be created by any kind of digital camera and any post-processing ("Photoshopping") the member sees fit. Post-processing must meet Photoshopping rules detailed below.

    1. Discussion can begin at any point in the month
    2. Comments, critiques and discussion must meet general forum rules.
    3. Comments, critiques and discussion most be constructive, objective and aimed at improving the quality of the artwork.
    4. Artistic choices (for example: choice of subject, assignment interpretation, etc.) may be discussed, but not criticized.
    5. Equipment used may be discussed, commented or criticized only if this helps in improving artwork quality.
    6. Comment posts must include a reference to the artwork being discussed.

    Photoshopping rules:
    1. Artwork may only be Photoshopped with explicit authorization from the owner (for any usage - in the thread or not) - owner can give this while posting.
    2. If a picture is photoshopped, instructions on what processes were used would be appreciated so that others can learn.
    3. The sole purpose of Photoshopping is to enhance the artisitic/technical quality of the artwork.
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    Feb 17, 2003
    with Hamburglar.
    The topic for Assignment #19 is Geometry. It is fairly broad and the interpretation of the assignement is completely up to the photographer. Multiple postings are fine, just try to limit them to one/user/day.

    The next assignment will be determined by poll, as described in the rules above.

    Happy shooting! :)
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    Could we have some more rules Grimace, I don't think there are enough :)
  4. Grimace thread starter macrumors 68040


    Feb 17, 2003
    with Hamburglar.
    They are taken from the original rules -- not my own! :) But they do all make sense. I probably should have referenced them instead of writing them out. Good feedback for the next assignment!

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