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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ZiggyPastorius, Sep 23, 2007.

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    So, basically, I'm not a complete foreigner to Macs (I know how to use them, I understand them basically, et cetera) But I'm a noob when it comes to computers, and still a noob when it comes to Macs, even though I have a basic understanding of them. So, here's my question:

    For each of these things, what program that comes with Mac, or can be downloaded for free, can be used to complete the tasks:

    First off: Drawing. Just doodling around with random crap, similar to what you can do in paint, or even better, a more professional-esque program like Photoshop (besides Photoshop for Mac, of course).

    Second: Actually, I'm having a brain cramp right now and can't remember the other things I was going to ask. So, I'll do that when I remember.

    I was playing on my friend's Macbook in the car the other day, and was just checking it out, but I noticed I couldn't find a program to doodle with, and wondered if anyone could help me with that. Maybe someone can help me with that, and maybe just give me a quick rundown of some of the programs and stuff that come pre-installed in the Macbook, like iDVD, imovie, and all that, and just give me a basic idea of what they do. Thanks, everyone =]
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    For doodling, if you want something very similar to Paint on Windows, one option is Seashore (free). There are other options like Acorn; you can google them.

    If you mean *drawing*, then really, what you want is not a photoshop type of program, but a vector drawing program. Of course, there's one in Adobe CS. One free option, however, is called Inkscape.
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    This has been discussed previously. You can piew the post here.

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