"Asteroid" to come out this week


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Jan 25, 2005

It’s still not entirely clear whether this is the same exact thing as that Asteroid audio interface box that Apple got so sue-crazy about earlier this year (we’re sort of guessing not, for a variety of reasons), but the AP confirms that Apple is going to begin selling M-Audio’s iControl GarageBand controller at Apple Stores nationwide next week. The iControl is basically an external mixing board for GarageBand that comes with all sorts of buttons, knobs, and a jog wheel so you can make “multiple adjustments to recording and playback functions at the same time” without having to constantly hunt-and-click with a mouse. Should retail for $179.


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Mar 13, 2005
I don't think this will be a success... it's too limited in what it does for a midi device. Although, those wood bits look nice.