All iPads astropad users - photographers? lightroom? general remote desktop?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by h00ligan, Mar 23, 2016.

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    As titled

    The screen streaming is touted as being so fast, I can't see why people generally don't use this app for remote desktop applications. it should work well for basically anything right?

    I'm curious if via wireless on an ac network - if youre running an imac or mac mini and an ipad pro if this can be used for lightroom full - since the mobile version is so limited and such.

    So photographers - anyone using astropad for photography needs? it seems like it would be perfect but I would love some feedback from anyone who is using it

    the promise of a proper remote desktop being fast enough to do functionally anything via the ipad remote to the desktop is long coming, astropad touts their speed - so I wonder if maybe people are missing the fact its a seamless remote desktop tool - or if for some reason it doesn't work well for that function. seems like for those with a good desktop this may be a great way to get some mobility especially given the fact there's not much pro left in the macbook pro line.
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    i gave it a try, plugged in with the USB cable, and i found it to be pretty impressive. it just worked, no bugs. the pencil worked well. pressure is pretty good. but, the colors where off, and anytime i moved around the image quality dropped. no way to color calibrate the system. i dont know the technical details, but its like the image is being sampled allot. its not 1 to 1 pixel representation. Its a little too laggy for my tastes (i am hobbyist photographer and illustrator during the day), but i can see where some people might like it because the price is lower than a cintiq (but not really after you add all the apple extras like camera adapter, pencil, cases, covers, faster chargers and cable), but you get a nice ipad too. the lack of buttons on the pencil hampers things a bit for me. the virtual buttons are nice, but after using a cintiq for so long i found astropad to be a poor solution for my art style. but, you should try it. i know allot of people really like it. it really depends on the individual, and how important accurate colors are to you.

    I hope apple includes video capture cards on future ipad pro's. that would make the lag zero. USB3 is too slow for full retina resolutions at high bit depths.
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    oh i forgot to add, i use camera raw and photoshop CC. never learned lightroom (i need to though)

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