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May 3, 2008
I bought the ASUS PA278QV, good color, solid build and other good things but I HATE!!! how blurry the text looks on the Mac Mini M2 (Ventura OS), Connected via HDMI to HDMI.

I know! that I shouldn't get a "retina" quality like the Studio Display but why the text looks so bad? it looks like my old 2014 NON retina macbook air or even worse.

Please, there's any way to make the text looks better?

I install BetterDisplay I just set the default resolution but using HiDPI, so it make it just a little better but that is? text still looks bad.

I need other cable? DisplayPort to USB-C or something?

Please!!! any owner of this ASUS that use it on Mac? please share your settings to make the text the best or any tip? thanks!


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Feb 20, 2009
Visit this web page:

There are a set of terminal commands you'll find halfway down the page.

These commands set varying levels of font smoothing:

Work your way through EVERY ONE OF THEM.
I suggest you also create a test document with a few fonts.
Open the document and TAKE A SCREEN SHOT to create a graphic file of the text. Do this with every smoothing change.

You can later compare these (it's hard to remember "what the previous setting looked like" sometimes).

After you use the terminal to change the smoothing setting, you MUST LOG OUT and then log back in to apply "the change".

Hope this helps.


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Sep 10, 2015
These commands set varying levels of font smoothing:

Work your way through EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Worth emphasising this: Out of the box the property entry is missing, which means the value used by MacOS is "1".

Personally I would recommend not bother to try "2" and "3" because the issue of 'fake bold' is pretty serious there.

So a sensible choice would be the default (i.e. "1") or "0" (meaning no font antialiasing). On a 27-inch 4K display running in "look like 1440p" scaled resolution, no font antialiasing looks more pleasing and 'crisp' to my eyes than default.

Actually I would also add that, before OP start muddling again, make sure he knew what he had done and clarified what the actual problem is in more precise description as I suggested in the other thread: link
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