Asus Router, Synology and Time Machine

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by chanyk.ken, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. chanyk.ken macrumors newbie

    Aug 22, 2013
    Hi All,

    I was wondering if this will work, if I'm planning to point all my Mac device's time machine backup to a Synology NAS which sits in a same network on a Asus router.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Mar 20, 2013
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    The only potential issue I can see is power down on the Synology causing TM to not find its backup disk....apart from that it should work fine.
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    I have a gen1 Time Capsule with an external USB disk. I use it for TM backups. I also own an Asus RT AC 66u (the AC1750 one) and I own 2 Synology NAS drives (DS112J, DS212J). I don't use the Synology drives for TM. I don't rely on TM for anything other than "convenience" backups. Synology drives come with DSM software which is basically Linux. They claim to fully support Time Machine. If you get the cheaper units (like mine), they use an ARM processor and are very low power consumption. They never sleep, or at least they never deep sleep. It may take a few seconds for them to wake up but I've never had a situation where I wanted a file and had to wait more than half a minute. I use mine as media servers for my photos, dvd rips and home movies as well as bulky files like OSX combo updates and larger install files.

    I really should "get around" to using them for TM since I'm underwhelmed with the 1st gen TC. It died and while Apple replaced it for free, I never got my data back, hence I use a USB disk for TM backups and the internal disk goes unused.

    Lastly on the matter of the Asus router, there is a security flaw. Never enable the USB sharing on the router or bother with any of Asus' cloud stuff. Months after getting my router, I learned of a back door that would have been available if I had set that stuff up. Happily I ignored it and simply use my router as a router.
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    It should work fine. Two issues with these NAS setups though.

    They are not officially "supported" by Apple, so if you have trouble, Apple will not be of any help to you. For an advanced user that may not even be an issue.

    The second issue is it seems like every time Apple comes out with a new OS X version, it breaks compatibility with some of these NAS devices, then you have no backups until the NAS vendor comes out with a update to fix things. We just saw this with the Mavericks release.
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    The last I looked Synology has instructions on how to do this. Plus here is video to show you how to set it up.

    Plus remember this blog post (in still works in 10.9) Configuring OS X Mountain Lion Time Machine to Work With CIFS (SMB) Share.
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    with the updated synology web interface i think they made a setting specifically called time machine to make it user friendly to setup time machine.
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    Asus Router, Synology and Time Machine

    I have a Belkin Router, and a 2bay Synology which supports 24/7 Time Machine backups for 3 Macs..... works perfectly... best investment I've made (computer wise)

    And I have progressed from 10.6 to 10.9.2 with no issues..... just make sure you keep the Synology OS up to date (which is super easy to do)
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    Thanks everyone for the reply. I am gonna work on it soon. Will update again once it this done.

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