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David Taub

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Apr 2, 2016
Miami Beach FL
Thinking about buying an ASUS Zenscreen to use as my desktop when I buy a mac studio. It's about 230 euros. Anyone here using one with their mac studio? Is it plug and play? The one I was looking at on Amazon said 'for notebook', so I'm not sure it would work. There are various models so maybe I could find one that works?

It would replace the 2015 macbook pro screen I currently use for that. I have two 27 inch monitors connected to the macbook and would like a 15 inch third screen to keep the desktop separate.

thanks for any help


short ps. The other option I thought about was using my ipad mini 6 and 'sidecar' but the bigger 15 inch asus would be better with the extra screen size...
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Oct 28, 2008
They have hdmi interface or could run usb-c, no reason wouldn’t work.
they say laptops as they are designed as portable, monitors and most desktop machines aren’t really portable.
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