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Jun 24, 2012
San Jose, CA
Pretty interesting and informative analysis on Apple's "True Tone" tech:

I'm no color management expert, but there were a few snippets which made for a good summary:

....the 9.7" iPad Pro's display is a significant improvement over the iPad Air 2 and the larger iPad Pro purely due to the wide gamut support. DCI-P3 will be the gamut to have when UltraHD content rolls around....

....As for True Tone, it definitely succeeds at doing what it claims to do. The display seems more natural when your eyes have adjusted to ambient lighting, but color accuracy inevitably suffers because of it. The fact that the wider gamut and True Tone showed up at the same time is basically just coincidence, and the two features are really orthogonal. True Tone works on a similar principle to Apple's Night Shift feature, but in a dynamic sense based on ambient light rather than on the time of day, and there's no need for a wider color gamut for it to work correctly because the largest change being made is just an alteration to the display's gamma curves.


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Oct 15, 2008
Durham, England
Interesting article - and a reminder, if I needed one, of why I spent £499 on an iPad Pro 9.7" rather than £150 on something vastly inferior. Once again we see Apple going extra miles, and while for me it mostly "just works", it's nice to see under the hood every now and again.

This really is the greatest mobile device display I've ever seen. Good job Apple.
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