At last - it's the new Civic Type R

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iGav, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. iGav macrumors G3

    Mar 9, 2002
    At last indeed!!!!!!!!!!

    198 instead of 197... is 'mildly' tweaked... well that's one way of f**king putting it, another way is 'couldn't really be arsed'. ;)

    I cast you out! Unclean Spirt! The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you. :p

  2. Clydefrog macrumors 6502a


    Feb 24, 2006
  3. aquajet macrumors 68020

    Feb 12, 2005
    I think the more important part of "mildly tweaked" is that more torque is acheived at a lower rpm, despite peak hp raised to a higher rpm. :)

    Looks like a hot little car. I love the Civic.
  4. beatsme macrumors 65816


    Oct 6, 2005
    sorry, I know nothing of the civic, so I must ask:

    was there a problem with the torsion beam (I had always heard it referred to as torsion bar) suspension? I seem to recall Porsche used this type of suspension on the 944 was some degree of success.

    just wondering...
  5. AndyR macrumors 6502a


    Dec 9, 2005
    Auckland, New Zealand
    I just got myself a 04 Cosmic Gray Civic Type R the other day. Lovin it! :D

    Had a Type R in the past but sold it when it was giving me jip, got a Seat Leon which was dull so gone back the Type R.

    Seriously, I've raced in a lot of different cars over the years and the Type R is the closest you get to a racing car on the road for this sort of price.
  6. kahos macrumors member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Peak engine performance might not have improved much but maybe they tweaked the powerband... Its hard to tell wether or not they really improved it just looking at peak numbers

    I dont know how it works for you guys in europe but another possibilty would be that the new engine's rating is sae certified while the old engine was not and might have been a tad overoptimistic.

    from wikipedia:

    "In 2005, the Society of Automotive Engineers introduced a new test procedure (J2723) for engine horsepower and torque. The procedure eliminates some of the areas of flexibility in power measurement, and requires an independent observer present when engines are measured. The test is voluntary, but engines completing it can be advertised as "SAE-certified"."​
  7. iGav thread starter macrumors G3

    Mar 9, 2002
    It had it's day... back in covered wagon times. ;) :p

    You weren't tempted by a Focus RS... if not the new ST then???

    I'd lay money on them doing nothing more major than remapping the ECU, trying to mask the VTEC's noticeable lack of low end torque, and merely upping the RPM (the previous Civic Type-R was detuned) as a selling point... I think the fact that they've lowered the ratios is more telling than the extra weight on it's own suggests.

    Either way... no one in their right mind would buy one of these over a Focus ST. ;)
  8. mkrishnan Moderator emeritus


    Jan 9, 2004
    Grand Rapids, MI, USA
    Did seem like a fun car. The RSX Type S isn't bad, but... it's not that amazing either. It's way too postured as a sporty car rather than concentrating on being one.
  9. mpw Guest

    Jun 18, 2004
    I've got a 1.8 petrol Civic and only hope that they remembered to put some sound proofing in the Type-R.

    It's a good car, but has some real flaws which can all be traced back to efforts to make the car as light as possible. Seeking weight savings is great but achieving them by using BacoFoil® for body panels is gonna cost 'em in the long run.
  10. Jschultz macrumors 6502a


    Mar 14, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Is the CTR pretty similar to the SI we have in the states?

    I quite like the new Civic SI here. It's just a more juvenile version of a RSX-S, which is a damned fine car.

    I own a last of its kind 2001 Integra GS-R. I love it to pieces, so much so that this is actually my 2nd GS-R. I've thought about staying Honda, but I'm going to pursue my passion of owning a Mitsubishi Evolution! I've had 4g63 powered cars before, and they were so, so fun.

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