at&t 2 yr upgrade with next now through apple store?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ericlaurence, Oct 1, 2014.

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    i have a 2 year contract right now that is currently complete and i'm just paying month to month. according to at&t, i'm eligible to upgrade using next OR another 2 year contract. can i upgrade using next at the apple store? or is it only 2 year contracts. they have the 128gb 6 pluses in stock and i'd rather not shell out $499 especially since if i can get it on next, it'll be easier to expense the total wireless bill monthly. make my employer pay for my new phone. :cool:
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    I switched to NEXT in an Apple store.

    For some reason the employee didn't know, though, but once they called a manager it worked just fine.
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    Yes Apple store can do AT&T Next. The only thing they can't do is the existing NEXT customers. Meaning those who already used NEXT previously and is currently on NEXT but is eligible for upgrade again.
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    What the Apple store can do:
    - Your contract is over - NEXT or 2-year
    - Your contract is ACTIVE - only 2-year. They can 'break' the old contract by you paying $250 more for your new phone, and putting you on a new contract.

    What the Apple store CANNOT do:
    - Your contract is ACTIVE - NEXT. Apple's systems don't know how to charge both the old and new fees for the phone, which is required for an early NEXT exit.
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