AT&T 4 iPhone limit? help

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Unibody8764, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Jun 7, 2009
    ive been trying to upgrade two lines on my account from two 3G to two 3GS. ive had numerous trips back and forth to an att store, as well as 200+ hours on the phone with 611 ever since the 3GS was announced. im just going to skip the 2 weeks of AT&T misleading me and head to what was the end result.

    AT&T stated that any account is only able to have 4 iPhones subsidized during the span that the account is active. both my lines have had original iphones and iphone 3G's, and therefore i have used all four of my iphones and are now no longer to upgrade to any iphone. additionally, i have another line (a nokia phone) which is also locked out of upgrade due to the iphone limit. on my account, it states "MyWireless Account does not support this account type." and the future eligibility date is "N/A"

    the only thing the people at AT&T said i could do is have the store rep fill out a form to something called "Core Support" and "request" subsidized phones. both the store rep and the 611 manager on the phone at the time told me that through core support, i would HAVE to purchase in an AT&T store which has been contacted and told i am allowed to upgrade. but i have a feeling this is all a big mistake on AT&T's part and that there is a simpler way to resolve these issues. has anyone even heard of any of this? or does anyone have any idea how to resolve it so i can just upgrade my two lines?
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    I've never heard of this limit.
    Also, the original iPhone wasn't subsidized. You paid full price for it.

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