AT&T able to override upgrade eligibility?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by guru_ck, Jul 24, 2009.

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    So my Mom has 5 lines on her account and has been a subscriber since the days of Pacific Bell which was 15 years ago. She wants to get two iPhones for my brother and sister but they aren't upgrade eligible until November and all of our other lines aren't eligible until sometime in 2010. If we were to call AT&T or go into a retail store do you think they would be able to give us an early upgrade based on our 15 year tenure and $250/month bill with them? Anyone else ever try this with a similar story?
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    I doubt anyone would be able to give you a definite answer here because it probably varies case by case. My advice would simply be to ask. No hurt in asking.
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    don't quote me, but I have a friend who works for ATT corporate (not retail) and he told me that ATT employee's (definitely a manager) can do an early upgrade to any phone in the store for any customer at any time, except the iPhone. the system is set up so that it could not be over written, apple policy.

    I asked back in June because my line was not up for an upgrade till next year, and i wanted the 3G S so I needed his help, but no luck, he tried and it was not possible.

    again, don't quote me, this could have just been an issue for the release back in June, things could have changed now that the iPhone is more available.
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    i called for an issue wit my 3g that kept happining wit voicemail so i hinted at trying to get an early upgrade for all my troubles they then promptly told me the could not overide the iphone upgrade policy due to apple regulation im afraid ur out of luck srry
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    One of the biggest things they look at is payment history. Is your history good? Not too my past dues/suspensions?
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    the real deal.

    Let me put it to you like this. When it comes to the upgrades there are many things that are counted. However, if you are looking to get an iphone (especially the 3GS) some times the exception can be made.

    I can tell you though it is much easier for you to go to a corporate store, not apple or walmart or any other fly by night place; and ask the store manager for an exception.

    The reason why you would not want to call in is because the people on the phone will still have to refer you to the store. I know this because when I did it they told me that it could be approved by the store manager. Now this is not to say that my case was better, worse, or the same. I could have just been in the right place at the right time.

    More than likely you will get the deal. Seeing as how long your mom has been and will continue to be a customer I would be really shocked if you were not able to get one. Hope this helps:cool:
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    I don't see how that would be Apple's policy. Just like AT&T tells people that you can only get apple care on the phone in the first 10 days and you can only receive tech support for it for that time period.
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    Hey OP, shoot me a PM; I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and it won't do any good to go to a retail store, b/c you need to go to an AT&T Corporate Store. There is the early upgrade if you had purchased an iPhone in July, August or September. Maybe they've extended that program to cover October, November and December in August or September, (We can only hope)....
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    Exactly. If AT&T chose to offer an early upgrade on an individual basis, then they are paying apple that portion on the price of the phone.
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    A friend recently signed up for an ATT account, sets himself up with 3 Xenons. The on day 31 goes back and wants to add two more lines and gets 2 more Xenons, then works with the agent and somehow ATT sells him 3 32G 3Gs at $299 each and he got to keep the other 3 Xenons.
    I guess when you bill is going to be close to $300 a month they are a little more flexible,
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