Carrier AT&T and Verizon not honoring "do not track"

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    AT&T and Verizon are creating Mobile ad networks by attaching an identifier to queries from mobile phones and devices using their cellular data connection.

    Since the identifiers are added by AT&T and Verizon they don't honor the "do not track" settings on the devices and their browsers. Although you can opt out of these networks, through some convoluted means, that is just opting out of the ad network. Your Internet browsing is still track with the unique identifier, if a website decides they want to track your usage they could just look at this identifier even though you may have opened out.

    There are a couple ways to get around this, essentially using secured links such as VPN and HTTPS secure links.

    Check to see if you are being tracked here (must be on a cellular connection)
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    Wow...Wonder who we can get on this to make it right
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    I suppose complaining to the FCC, though I don't know if there's any laws regarding "do not track" or if its just a voluntary service
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    Not sure, but there is precedence for suits if such usage of info was not disclosed in original TOS, but those are so verbose and convoluted that most consumers wouldn't notice.

    I think that's my second point: the average consumer doesn't/won't have the slightest idea that this article even exists nor what it's implications are.

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