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    Jul 9, 2011
    I know that AT&T has to run a credit check on a person wanting to enter into a contract plan with them and I'm concerned over just what they see and how AT&T decides whether a person is approved or not. My credit history and report is excellent and perfect actually. However, I will confess that I am currently unemployed; but I don't think that shows up in a credit report.

    So the bottom line is, will AT&T approve me for a two year contract after the new iPhone premieres? I'm actually planning to simply buy the iPhone 4S more than likely.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Why don't you just call up and see? Really no one can say unless they now your full background. Currently being unemployed shouldn't be a reason to deny service as you can still have the means to pay with savings. I doubt employment status shows up in credit reports, it's purely just an indicator of whether you pay bills or not really.
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    You're asking us if AT&T will approve you?
    How would anyone know besides AT&T?
    Go to a store or call them up and find out for sure.
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    I think you will be fine. As I recall they just asked for ID and SSN and entered that in their system and did not even ask me any questions about employment etc. I assume their system automatically queries your credit score and comes back with a yes/no and that is it.

    I get a copy of my credit report every year and it says nothing at all about wether I am working or not. It sort of indirectly addresses employment if say you got a car loan and at that time put your worked at WalMart, that will be in the report... but if you quit WalMart and did not work at all there would be no way to tell that from a credit report that I have seen.

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