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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kelsonkai, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Jun 29, 2010
    First off, my plan expires in October of this year, and I want to get the new iPhone 4. Supposedly, from what I've heard you are eligible for the early upgrade if you have an iPhone (which I don't) or your plan exceeds $100 (mine is $94) Is this true?

    My current phone is on the brink and I would really like to purchase the new iPhone, but it seems that AT&T wants me to wait till October. Would adding a new line to my current family plan work to get the discounted rate? And would i be able to cancel my texting on my current line, so I wouldn't have to pay the $20 for it? I've read on this forum that some people got the discounted rate by arguing with the Apple manager, would that work as well? I talked to one of my friend'a that works sales at Apple and he was not able to help me....

    If this was already covered, I'm sorry, I'm new to this place and I tried searching but didn't come up with anything.
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    1. ATT only made the exemption for currently iPhone users to move their upgrade date up by 6 months. My friend was in a similiar situation. Had a dumb phone, eligible for upgrade in August 2010. But ATT wouldn't let her upgrade. But her husband wasn't eligible for an upgrade till Nov 2010. But did have an iPhone so they moved his upgrade date up.

    2. If you PRIMARY line exceeds an average of $99 (doesn't matter what the total family line). ATT excludes texting from this equation. ATT only counts certain features like Voice/Data into the $99 equation. If you meet that $99 (rolling average of at least 3 months of $99 on the primary line). Than that primary line becomes eligible for an upgrade ever 12 months.

    All other lines are upgrade eligible between months 18-21.

    Seems like you are stuck with the Oct upgrade unless you want to pay for a partial $399/499 upgrade (I highly recommend you NOT do the partial upgrade with your real upgrade months away).

    Or add a new line (but than you are stuck paying $10 x 24 months= $240 extra.

    You are not required to have texting on your plans even with an iPhone. Only a $15/$25/$30 iphone data plan is required.
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    The way it works, is the main line (which would be yours), has to be at $99 or more. My line is the main line on the 1400 min family plan with texting and everything, so mine does go over $100. Because of this, I am eligible for a renew every year. If you add a family plan to your plan that is a little more expensive and pushes your phone past the $100 mark. The problem is that it won't change your eligibility date NOW, meaning your upgrade date is most likely going to stay the same. But upgrading to the new plan will allow you to upgrade every year after your next upgrade.
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    Huh? $99/line gives u a standard full subsidy upgrade every 12 months. That's nothing? Sounds good to most people who want to buy the next generation iPhone every 12 months at the full subsidized price.
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    Using their upgrade eligibility page that I linked back to on their site, I don't see where $99/line gives you an upgrade at 12 months. :confused:
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    oh ok that clarifies the $99 plan thing...i might go down to AT&T tomorrow and see and post up what they say. I was going to go today, but well i really didn't want to deal with the hoards....

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