Carrier AT&T Data Usage Spikes (iPhone 6)

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    There's a line on my AT&T family plan that's on a 2gb data allotment a month. It's my sister's iPhone 6. The entire month was well under the data quota. Last night, I get a message saying about ~1.3gb has been used this month. I say to myself, "Okay, the billing cycle restarts on the 6th, it'll be okay ..."

    I had the same problem on her very recently iPhone 4S. It would gobble chucks the last week of the month in 50mb pieces. Thought that it was an issue with the old phone. When I set up her new iPhone, I'd gone and double checked to make sure she had turned off auto-updating on EVERYTHING. She'd only had about a dozen apps installed and doesn't play too many games on it.

    There's nothing to make me think any usage has changed in the last 28 days. :mad: WRONG. Checked the recent activity on my account ... 300mb and another 500 mb at two points in the day today. I'm like ... WHAT?!

    Any idea what's doing this? I'm fuming. Not sure who to be mad at. Honestly tempted to cut her line.
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    People tend to blame the phone or the carrier.
    Reality is blame the person using the phone.
    2gb of data per month nowadays is not much.
    Many can burn through that within hours.
    So short story she's just using her phone doing stuff away from wifi.
    If she's willing to keep an eye out on her usage and pay for her overages that should be up to her or whatever agreement you both have.
    Everything is listed there clearly for anyone to track their usage.
    Go to settings,cellular, use cellular data and every mb used by each app on carrier data is listed.
    You can reset that counter every month when the billing cycle resets and data amount renews.
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    Are there apps updating over cellular rather than over WiFi?
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    Something's gotta be up. My wife never used more than 1.5GB for over a year and a half. A couple of months ago, she started getting warnings nearing 2GB. Eventually she went over 2GB twice. We added a 3rd GB and 2 months after that (last bill) she was like .50MB shy of going over 3GB.

    Hasnt changed her using habits. still the same apps as before. What's strange about it is that she's been working less (usually uses LTE when she works) and has wifi at home.

    We also have AT&T
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    At the iPhone hacks section.

    Go to settings,cellular,use cellular data for and see all the apps and amount of carrier data they used so far.
    Every single mb of carrier data used is listed there. Reset the counter once every month when the billing cycle renews.
    She's been using up the data sonehow. It's not the phones or the carriers fault.

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