AT&T fabricating data usage

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    So on my girlfriend's phone line which is part of my family plan I got a message yesterday warning me that she was nearing her 2Gb data limit... I found this really weird since she has never even come close to approaching her limit and here we are with 17 days left in my billing cycle.... So I go to my account management page and I see that AT&T has been billing ridiculous amounts of data at odd hours like 1:00am or 2:00am on weekdays. Now I know for a fact that she is in bed sleeping at that time and her phone is in airplane mode. Furthermore when she is home her phone is always on our wi-fi network.

    So I called AT&T and the customer service rep just basically played dumb like she didn't know how that could possibly be happening. Anyway I was polite and didn't lose my cool.... at the end she told me that she would put something in the system and if the phone line goes over they would credit me the overage charges, but they couldn't do anything to reverse the data that is already on there.
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    I got $15 credit

    And they are aware of the issue.

    Looks like they're still having issues. I'm one week in and at 700 MB
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    Well known issue.
    Theres even a lawsuit against AT&T for overcharging data usage when the customer actually didnt use up the bandwith. Something like 15-30% data added to monthly bills with no explanation.
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    Good to know, I'll make sure to mention this next time I call... they might play dumb with me but they'll know that I know ;)
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    I had this happen to me as well. But it was the QVC app that was causing it by not shutting off the video feed in the background even though you closed it and no sound, it was still transmitting it. Removing the app fixed the issue.

    It's not AT&T usually but a APP on your phone. Easy way to tell is look at the phone usage itself on on the phone.
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    +1 Same issue with me, but with other apps. Most people forget that every time their email checks the server, its data usage. Every time the weather app updates or any app uses location services in the background, its data usage.

    These types of suits are made to give lawyers quick publicity and sometimes a quick buck. Never amount to much.

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